• Oli Oldman @oliverpwoldman

At Work

The back of a Japanese man as he stands on grey pavement and faces a grey structure lined with green-and-white traffic cones. The man is wearing a neat, white shirt, grey pants, and a green armband with some text in Japanese. In the background, there are trees.

A cleaning operation at a Japanese temple. In the foreground, a Japanese man crouches on the ground with a small box in one hand and a piece of red cloth on the other. He is wearing a white jumpsuit and black boots. Further in the background, another Japanese man in the same uniform as the first cleans and polishes the wet floor using a machine. Both of these men are enclosed by red cones connected by black-and-yellow bars. In the background, to the right and outside the perimetre marked by the cones, a woman in a white shirt and black pants is walking.

Images by Oli Oldman, @oliverpwoldman.