'Lydian Dominant Blues' is a contemporary classical composition for two pianos, employing the Lydian-Dominant scale (#4th and b7th degrees). The piece is harmonically modelled after the 12-bar blues.

'Non-Euclidean Dreams' is an ambient minimalist composition inspired b...

October 22, 2018

Bumper is a radio show foregrounding the best in queer music, news and all round tea, hosted by Joey Levenson & Sam Davies. Bumper broadcasts every Wednesday 21:00-22:00. Catch them on kclradio.co.uk or on mixcloud.

@bumperradio on Instagram


October 1, 2018

VIP MIX is a radio station operating in E2, London, providing a platform for music of a range of genres and hosts of varying styles. VIP MIX is live on Fridays between 18:00 and 21:00, playing via their website vipmix.cool and mixcloud.

@vip_mix on Instagram.


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