Current Editors

Editor-in-Chief — Nikita Biswal

Nikita loves collecting stories and often writes between genres. She believes in love, breakfast and kindness. She is a final year student of literature.

Poetry Editor — Maleeha Mir

Maleeha is a third-year BA English student and our poetry editor for this year. She loves poetry from every era and enjoys reading stories that transport you to another world. She couldn't live without books and coffee.

Prose Editor — William Nash

William “Massive Nose” Nash is a 4th year studying French with English, but that doesn’t mean he can really speak either. Perfect for a Prose Editor, he thinks. Often, he wishes he knew less junk about geeky things so that he could get on with his life.

Digital Editor — Ainhoa Santos Goicoechea

Ainhoa (pronounced "I-know-ah") is a culturally confused third-year English student from the Basque Country, Spain. She is passionate about film, music, and politics, and should probably know more than she does about all three.

Non-Fiction Editor — Pablo Scheffer

Pablo is a third-year English student from the Netherlands, specialising in medieval literature. In his free time he likes to play chess, play the guitar and watch football with friends.

The Ones Who Keep the Show Running

Social Media Manager —  Alex Kutscher

Alex is a 3rd year English student. He enjoys theatre, sports and writing for culture blog Slow Motion Panic Masters. Alex also has the following message for you: remember to check us out on the socials!

Treasurer —

Guillermo Fernandez

Guillermo is a third year English student that spends his free time listening to music whilst sat on a bus in central London. He wants to make sure that everyone understands that Winnie the Pooh is as much of a children’s book as an adult’s book.

Contributing Editors

Afra Fatihibitaraf, Alex Blank, Alexia McDonald, Alysha Saraswathy Ratnam, Aparajita Ray Chaudhuri, Charlee-Jane Kieser, Ella Fornsworth, Elinor Potts, Erik Paesseler, Godelieve de Bree, Holly McLoughlin, Jordaine Kehinde, Karen Ng, Lauren Mossman, Numa Qureshi, Sabina Pachlopnikova, Samuel Heczko, Siddhi Jain, Suhaylah Ingar, Theodora Dumitru, Veruschka Haas, Yelizaveta Savchuk.