Editor's note

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Hello readers! 

This is Callista and I am the current editor in chief of the KCL Journal. To be a part of this publication is such a great opportunity, and nothing gives me more joy than reading the works written by various highly talented and passionate students. As one of the leading art magazines at King's, I aim to make this society a diverse platform for writers to experiment and hone their writing styles. Even though we are a bi-annual publication, we hope that with the introduction of this online magazine, we can make our society more accessible and inclusive to all. 

Editorial Board 

Editor in Chief - Callista Jo Saputra 


Non-Fiction Editor - Maisie Allen


Prose Editor - Theodora Dumitru


Treasurer - Propa Rezwana


Contributing editors: 

Afra Fatihibitaraf, Alex Blank, Alexia McDonald, Alysha Saraswathy Ratnam, Aparajita Ray Chaudhuri, Charlee-Jane Kieser, Ella Fornsworth, Elinor Potts, Erik Paesseler, Godelieve de Bree, Holly McLoughlin, Jordaine Kehinde, Karen Ng, Lauren Mossman, Numa Qureshi, Sabina Pachlopnikova, Samuel Heczko, Siddhi Jain, Suhaylah Ingar, Theodora Dumitru, Veruschka Haas, Yelizaveta Savchuk.